Today I feel invisible. I miss having my person. The one that shares in all the ups and downs. The one that promises to do life with you. The one that is your priority and he is yours. At forty one, I look at my circle of friends and they all have their person and their kids. I understand that their family should be their priority. It’s just hard knowing that you are not anyone’s priority. I got married later in life, so I experienced this before being married. It is not the same. Now, I know the comfort and the safety of having your person. I know what it is like to have someone that is your cheerleader and biggest fan. It really hurts when they are suddenly disappear.

Everyone keeps telling me that I need to expand my circle of friends. Like that is super easy. Just to let you know…I am open to it. I have joined several widows groups and actually attended several meetups. I flew to San Diego to attend Camp Widow. If you haven’t heard of it, it was life changing for me and I will create a post about it to encourage anyone that has lost a partner to attend. It just isn’t that easy to develop a meaningful friendship or relationship overnight when you don’t know what or who you can trust anymore.

I know now how important living in the moment is now. I still want to have life experiences and check things off my bucket list. I now know how short life is. I am trying my best to dig deep to find that independent girl that was once inside me and get the courage to start doing these things on my own. I will, just not today.

I will leave you with a little story about my trip to Sam’s Club today. Lines were long and I was thinking about how much I used to love going to Sam’s Club with my husband. I know it sounds crazy, but he worked a lot of weekends and we never got enough days off together. Even if we were grocery shopping or going to Sam’s Club, we had fun together. There was one exception to this during our time together. I insisted that Bill go with me to Sam’s Club and I didn’t realize it was the Kickoff game of the season for Chicago Bear’s. He waited until we were there to point out how empty the store was and that there were no other men there. He never said anything before we left. But, he went with me anyways. Then today as I was standing in line and smiling and thinking of that day, I looked around. There were so many couples and families standing in that line and not one person was smiling. For fifteen minutes, I kept looking and no one looked happy. They were not talking. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and let them know how lucky they all were to be standing next to their person. I wanted to tell them that in the blink of an eye everything in their life could change. I wish I knew before what I know now and that is to be present always and appreciate each moment. Be grateful that someone is willing to give you their time and treasure it because that moment will never exist again.

I am not sharing this so others feel sorry for me…remember I was the one that was smiling. I am sharing because maybe someone will cherish a moment they may not have cherished before reading this post. For those of you who have lost someone…it is ok to laugh and it is ok to cry. Even if you are in public…I have done it so many times. Not appreciating every moment as a gift was a hard lesson to learn because today it leaves me with regret from a part of my life that I can never get back. But, it is also a lesson to not make that mistake again.

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Lost my husband suddenly in late 2017 and I am working to try to rebuild my life one step at a time

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